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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Osborne and Osborn in Mason and Lewis County, KY - Ebenezer Cemetery, Lewis Co., KY

Eliza Jane (Osborn/e) Norman, a daughter of Alexander Osborn(e) and Henrietta (Higgins) Osborn(e), born 1818.  She married Alfred Norman in Lewis County, KY on 28 August 1836.  In the marriage record, her maiden name was spelled as "Osburn."  Alexander Osborn(e) and Henrietta Higgins married in Mason County, Kentucky on 17 February 1813.

Robert James Osborn(e), born 18 October 1857 (per his death certificate), passed away on 23 September 1931 in Tollesboro, Lewis County, KY.  His parents were Frank Osborn(e) and Catherine (Wherry) Osborn(e).  His birth was originally recorded in Lewis County to have been 18 October 1858.  Frank Osborn(e) and Catherine Wherry were married on 27 December 1855 in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Rosa Belle (Meenach) Osborn(e) Hardiman was first married to Robert James Osborn(e) in Mason County, KY. on 19 December 1893.  After his death, she remarried Charles Marshall Hardiman and moved to Wisconsin.  After Charles' death, Rosa returned to Maysville, Mason, Kentucky.  Rosa was born 16 April 1875 in Lewis County, but died in Mason County on 12 March 1945.  Her death certificate spells her surname at death as "Hardymon."

Bobby Joe Osborne, the only child of Russell Preston Osborne and Helen Virginia (Warf) Osborne.  Russell was a son of Robert James and Rosa (Meenach) Osborn(e).

Forest Dale Foudray was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, a son of Oscar Foudray and Melissa (Craycraft) Foudray. Forest was never married.  He was the great-grandson of Eliza Jane (Osborn) Norman.

Photos and family history submitted by A J Cassel, an Osborn(e) descendant.

All photos  are the property of the submitter and these photos and the accompanying information may not be transcribed or posted to any other website without the permission of the submitter or blog owners.

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