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Saturday, February 23, 2013

David S. Williams and Mary E. Humphrey

 An Illustrated History of North Idaho Embracing Nez Perces, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties 
1903 Western Historical Publishing Company
David S. William is one of the important factors in the industrial realm of Latah and Nez Perces (sic) counties, although at the present time he is located on a farm four miles west from Ahsahka, which is the family residence.  He has been a man of energy and talent and many places have been built up by his labors and skills.  In addition to farming, Mr. Williams is a skilled contractor and builder.

David S. Williams was born in Clermont county, Ohio, on October 17, 1848, being the son of Alexander and Lydia A. (Smith) Williams, natives of Ohio.  The father was born in 1818, settled as a pioneer in Adams county, Illinois in 1849 and died in 1898.  The mother was born in 1825 and died in 1895.  David labored with his father and attended school until twenty-two and then in 1871, he took a trip to the plains and spent seven months shooting buffalo.  Returning to Illinois, he settled to farming for two years and then went to Cass county, Missouri and took up farming and raising mules.  Three years later, he went west to Labette county, Kansas and two years after that he was in Arkansas.  One year there and we find Mr. Williams in Chautauqua county, Kansas, where he took land, farmed and raised stock. Two years later he went to Indian Territory and leased land from the Cherokees and farmed.  We next see Mr. Williams in Coffeyville, Kansas where he contracted and did bridge building.  In 1887, he came west to Pomeroy, Washington and for one year he contracted building in that town.  Next he came to Genessee and built many of the edifices there.  Taking a homestead on Cedar creek in Nez Perces (sic) county, he committed four years later and sold.  He bought a ranch near Julietta and farmed for nine years.  It was 1901 when he came to his present place and he has a first class place and good buildings.

On November 4, 1873, in Illinois, Mr. Williams married Miss Mary E., daughter of Cornelius and Jane (Byers) Humphrey, natives of Illinois and Tennessee.  The father was a pioneer in Morgan county.  Mrs. Williams was born in Brown county, Illinois in 1855, and has one brother, John, in Colorado, and one sister, Jennie Thyer, in Bartlettsville, Indiana Territory.  Mr. Williams has the following named brothers and sisters: Amos and Stephen, who were in the Civil War, Harvey, Abigail, Rachel, Martha and Laura.  To our worthy subject and his estimable wife, there have been born six children, Martha D. Craig, Cornelia O'Keiffe, Anna, Allen A., Cora and Nora.  The family affiliate with the Baptist church.  In Chautauqua county, Mr. Williams was school treasurer, being elected on the Democratic ticket.  He has served on the School Board for fifteen years and has done much for the cause of education.

The Family of Gabriel E. Pribble

John W. Pribble, a son of Reuben Pribble ( born about 1806 in Ohio)  and Harriet (Melvin) (born in Maryland about 1812)  was born in January1837 in Clermont County, Ohio. His parents, Reuben and Harriet, married in Clermont County, Ohio on 5 December 1827. 

 John married Susan Scontz (who was born about 1843 in Indiana)  in Decatur County, Indiana on 10 October 1861. I have also seen Susan's maiden name spelled as Scounch.  John and Susan had 4 children of which I currently have the names of 3: Ira born in Indiana about 1864, Gabriel E., born 1 September 1867 in Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana (and the one whose history will also be shown here) and Alvin, born about 1874.  By 1900, only 2 of the 4 children of John and Susan were living.

Alvin is shown as dying in 1896 with subsequent burial  in the Evergreen Cemetery in Montgomery County, Iowa as is his father, John, dying in February 1915.

There is no record there about John's wife or parents. 

Ira may be the Ira A Pribble, shown on Findagrave as memorial 75714006, with burial at Gypsum Hill Cemetery in Saline County, Kansas.

When Gabriel was 4, the family left Indiana and settled in Montgomery County, Iowa.  Not only the family of John, but John's parents were also there in the 1880 census.

An Illustrated History of North Idaho 1903 Embracing, Nez Perces, Idaho, Kootenai, and Shoshone Counties Western Publishing Company                

Sources: for census
Family Search for marriages

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Connelly Cemetery

While looking for one cemetery we were lucky enough to find another one.  The Connelly Cemetery is located in a field on the Thomas Road on private property.  The property owner is a very friendly man who talked to us about the cemetery and invited us into his home.  He shared his own family pictures and told stories about them.  Much to our delight,  some of his lines tie into both of ours.  A new cemetery and a new friend. Doesn't get much better than that!

Elizabeth Ann, wife of Thompson Connelly. The stone is broken so dates are not available.

Martha Hart 1848-1881 A Martha
Martha  A. Connelly married Thomas J. Hart November 11, 1869 in Pendleton County.

                                                            Unknown       C. L. C.

Enola Jane, daughter of T . and E. A. Connelly. Stone is broken, so no dates are available.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Henry Fronk and Mary (Humlong) Fronk of Bracken County, Kentucky

Henry Fronk and Mary (Humlong) Fronk

The first difficulty with the Fronk surname is that it is often transcribed as "Frank."  It's not possible to know for certain which one was the original surname, but the majority of the descendants that I've followed, if not all, do use the Fronk spelling.

Henry Fronk, a native of Berks County, Pennsylvania married Mary Humlong (a daughter of George Humlong and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), also a Pennsylvania native, in Bracken County, Kentucky on 4 April 1815. 

 On 7 Aug, 1820, the recording date for the census of Kentucky that year, shows the family of Henry FRANK living in Germantown, Bracken Co., KY with the following persons in their home: 2 free white males < 10 years of age (one of these is George Humlong Fronk); 1 free white male of 10 years and less than 15 years old; 1 free white male of 26-44 years of age (this is Henry); 2 free white females of 10 years and less than 15 years of age; 1 female of age 16 years of age, but less than 26 (Mary.)  Also shown is a female slave over the age of 45. At this time, we can only know the names of 3 of the 8 people living here.

The 1830 census index shows no Henry Fronk or Frank in Bracken County. However when browsing, I find a family indexed under the name of Henry "Shouk."  This is a transcription error and actually the family of Henry and Mary.  There is no date recorded on the census form for 1830, but the date used for recording the census 1 June 1830.  (The census taker had 12 months to complete the census for 1830.)  Living at the family residence (shown on page 7 of Bracken County) are: 1 male younger than 5 (is this John?); 2 males of 10 -14 years old (one of these is George); 1 male of 20 years of age, but less than 30; 1 male of over 30 but less than 40 (Henry); 2 females of the age of 5, but younger than 10; 1 girl of 15 and younger than 20 and also (Mary) who is over 30, but less than 40. Again, we cannot be sure who all of the people are. 

In 1840 the family remains in Bracken County (shown on page 10) with: 1 male under 5 (William); 1 male of over 5 but less than 10 years old; 1 male of over 10, but younger than 15 (Henry Clay Fronk); 2 males of over 20 and younger than 30; 1 male of over 40 and less than 50 (Henry);  the females in the home are 2 - 1 is over 15, but younger than 20 and the other is shown as over 30 and younger than 40. (This likely shows that Mary was born between 1 June and the 7th of August in her birth year.)

Mary has died before the 1850 census and living with Henry (now shown as Henry, Sr) are: Henry Clay; Susan E, William W and a 62 year old woman Susan Case, who was also born in Pennsylvania. The relationship is not shown.  The census date for 1850 was 1 June.  The enumerator had five months to obtain the data, but all data was to be recorded as it was on 1 June 1850, not necessarily as it was on the day he arrived at the particular home.

On 3 November 1851, Henry Fronk, Sr. remarried Averilla Hollis. Averilla was 40 years old at the time and they had no children, at least none recorded. 

Of Henry's and Mary's children that I've found: 
George Humlong Fronk married Malinda Day on 29 March 1838 in Bracken Co., KY.
Susan E. Fronk married Lewis Ware in Bracken County, KY on 23 February 1854.
John did marry, but the maiden name of his wife is uncertain.
It also appears that William was married.

Henry Frank, born Jan. 24, 1791 in Berks County, Penn., died in Bracken County, March 24, 1880.

G. H. Fronk, March 17, 1817 - July 6, 1897.

Henry Clay Frank (died 14 Jan 1880, aged 50 years, 4 months and 29 days.)

Averilla (Hollis) Frank, born Aug 21, 1810 died Dec. 24., 1889.

All photos taken July 2009

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Olive Susan "Ollie" (Thornton) Tarvin Reams

Olive Susan (Ollie), the daughter of James. D. Thornton and Carolyn Matilda "Tillie" (Clark) Thornton was born in Bracken County, Kentucky on 7 May 1874.  She was Tillie's last known child.

Ollie married Edward Raymond "Davey" Tarvin, at the age of 16, on 22 May 1890 in Campbell Co., Kentucky.  He was a son of Dewitt N. Tarvin and Elizabeth O. Kercheval. 

Ollie and Davey became the parents of at least 11 children:
1) Nellie May, born 10 April 1891
2) Susie, born 5 March 1893
3) Lillian "Lillie" born June 1894
4) Amelia M. "Willie", born 9 May 1899

These 4 daughters are at home with their parents, who in 1900 are shown as Ollie and Raymond, and living in Carthage, Campbell County, Kentucky.  One of their children, as this time, unknown, has died.

5) James Dewitt, born in April of 1902-1905 (depending on the record you look at.)
6) Niley, sometimes called "Sy", born 7 Oct 1904
7) Alean "Allie" born 8 Feb. 1907
8) Flora, born 7 June 1909
9) Virginia, born 8 June 1912
10) David, born 20 Jan 1916
11) Victor Vernon, born 9 July 1919.

In January1920 at the time of the census, in Carthage, the 3 oldest children are no longer at home, however there are still 8 with them + 2 grandchildren: 9 year old Charles Coffee (or Coffey) and 8 year old Raymond Coffee (or Coffey), who were born in Ohio. They seem to be children of Nellie May, the oldest child, as she has died of tuberculosis in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio.  Her death date was 27 April 1913.

Then on 18 February, 1920, Ollie, the mother of at least 9 living children is left a widow at age 46 with the sudden death of her husband due to pneumonia.  The children become scattered with relatives, for how can she care for them?

In 1931, her daughter, Virginia dies and Ollie gives the information for her death certificate as Ollie Tarvin.  She has to repeat this the following year, when she loses another child, David. 

Another son, James D. died in 1940. 

Ollie's death certificate gives the surname of Reams or Reems.  At what point she married Mr. Reems/Reams, I have not yet learned.  A Joseph Reams/Reems was the informant on her death record, and which does indicate she is married.  Is this Joseph her husband?  No Joseph by either spelling has been recorded on the Findagrave website.

Ollie and her first husband are buried in Carthage, Campbell County, at the Mount Gilead Cemetery.  Ollie's name has been posted incorrectly there and also transferred in the same way to the Findagrave website, as it shows her maiden name as Reams, not Thornton. 

I don't have a stone photo yet, but it will be warm enough soon to seek more information.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pribble-Hitch-Bryan-Boone Cox Family Reunion 22 June 2013

Reunion 22 June 2013

A reunion for descendants and relatives of James Pribble, Revolutionary War Patriot, will be held, beginning at 12 Noon on Saturday, June 22, 2013 in the Multi-Purpose Room at:
Flour Creek Christian Church, 1109 KY HWY 177 E, Butler, KY. 
The building is conveniently located  at the intersection of HWY 177 E and US 27.  If a hotel is needed, Country Inns and Suites and the Hampton Inn are located nearby in Wilder, KY.  

Inquiries and RSVP to: Gladys Pribble Smith at 1-859-472-2413 or
 Sandy Craddock and type in "Pribble Reunion" in the subject line to:
Or send a note to Sandy Craddock at the following address: 
Sandy Plummer Craddock
503 Chapel Street
Falmouth, KY. 41040-1409

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Martin Draper & Susannah (Landrum) Draper Descendants Reunion

As a descendant of Martin and Susannah Landrum Draper I would love to organize a family reunion of their descendants.  As early pioneers of this area they have hundreds of offspring in this County and surrounding areas.  I imagine there are people who would be surprised to know Martin and Susannah are their grandparents.  How nice it would be for all of us to get together and realize we have a family bond.
They were parents of Granville Draper, John Draper, Richard Draper, Mary Elizabeth Clark, Sarah Stephens, Emily Cooper, Leannah Hensley, Nancy Courtney, Eleanor Courtney, and Martha Jane Billiter.  Most of these families remained in this area and descendants of them are numerous.
It is a big undertaking and I need HELP to pull this off.  Email me if you as family members think it is a good idea to “attempt” organizing the event.   My email is, hope to hear from family.

Monday, February 4, 2013

James S. Armstrong of Mason County, Kentucky

Cincinnati Enquirer April 1, 1883 page 5

"In Memoriam

A life 'well rounded to its close,' a life filled to its lovely end with noble actions, generous deeds, innumerable proofs of unselfish thought for others' need, a life crowded at last with full fruition of many a hope unfulfilled here--this is the life of James S. Armstrong, who died on the 10th of March, in Paris, France.  This polished, accomplished 'gentleman of the old school' was born in Maysville, Ky., October 23, 1803.

He was the eldest son of the late John Armstrong, the well-known Maysville merchant, who died in 1851, universally regretted and esteemed after an honorable, active and useful life.  He was one of the most prominent men in the business and social circles of Maysville, and that with his brother, helped largely build up this place.

James S. Armstrong passed the early years of his life at Maysville, where he was associated with the late James Hewitt, of Louisville, Ky., and Peter Grant, an uncle of the now famous General, in the successful management and ownership of the Kanawha Salt Works.  In 1830, he removed to Cincinnati, where shortly afterward he was elected second President of the Commercial Bank, succeeding in that position the late Robert Brenaman, who counted himself one of the many warm friends.  R. R. Springer, Wm. Rooper, S. P. Bishop and James Gilmore are probably the only friends of
Mr. Armstrong's early manhood who are still living in this city.  He resigned his position at the Commercial Bank in 1842, and went to Paris, France, where he continued to reside up to the time of his death.  making but  few visits to America; not many of our citizens who have visited Paris but can testify to his sincere, genial and untiring hospitality.  To his friends and acquaintances of the dear old time he was ever cordial.  He was a plain, unostentatious, kind-hearted gentleman, living quietly in Paris; yet perhaps he was one of the best known Americans in that city.  His habits were simple, his life blameless, his charities, both public and private, were almost unlimited, and it may truly be said that his right hand was ignorant of the generous deeds performed by his left.  He leaves an extensive family to mourn with profoundest grief their irreparable loss.  Among them are two own sisters, Mrs. R. H. Lee, of Baltimore, widow of one of the former editors and proprietors of the Cincinnati Commercial; Mrs. R. G. Dobyns, of Maysville; a half-sister, Mrs. T. H. Mannen of the latter place; a half-brother, F. W. Armstrong, of Hillsboro, Ohio; also the children of General Collins in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Although they feel sure that he has received the reward of his noble life, that he has entered into that 'peace that passeth understanding,' they long with unspeakable desire to know him once more in the flesh.

Mr. Armstrong died possessed of a very handsome estate, the result of his excellent business capacity, and his untiring activity and energy. 

His memory will be cherished, honored and revered by his friends and kindred long after his body shall have moldered in the beautiful Montmartre Cemetery, in Paris, France, where it now reposes."

Although this article states he is buried in Paris, he does have a beautiful stone in the Maysville Cemetery, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky.  

No information posted here may be added to another website without permission of the blog owners.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Nathaniel Dickerson Hunter of New York and Kentucky and Caroline Herbst Hunter of Mason and Jefferson Co., Kentucky

Nathaniel Dickerson Hunter, a native of Westchester County, New York married Carolyn Herbst, a Kentucky native in Mason County, Kentucky on 24 February 1840.  Carolyn was a daughter of George Herbst.

Nathaniel is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky and his stone photo is on Findagrave there, currently as "D. Hunter."

The Evening Bulletin, Mason County, Kentucky 13 November 1889 page 3

"N. D. Hunter, A Former Resident of Maysville, Passes Away at Louisville

N. D. Hunter, one of the oldest and best known citizens of Louisville died last Saturday.  A year or so ago, he was stricken with paralysis, but though far advanced in years, he rallied and survived the stroke for twelve months.

Mr. Hunter was born in Westchester County, New York on February 4, 1815.  He spent the early part of his life at his birth-place, but after the death of his father he moved to Cincinnati.  After living in Cincinnati about six months he moved to Maysville.  He resided in this city several years, marrying Miss Carolyn (sic) Herbst, a daughter of George Herbst, a banker.  The result of this union was six children, all of whom with his wife, survive him.  While in this city he was engaged in the hardware business as a member of the firm Hunter & Phister, occupying a house where the well-known O. & B. establishment has since been erected.

The Commercial says, 'From Maysville, Mr. Munter (sic) went to Chicago where by great energy and ability, he soon had quite a fortune. In 1870, he resolved to return to Kentucky, and selected Louisville as his home, where he resided until the time of his death.  His eldest son, Rev. J. Garniss (sic) Hunter, is living at Harrodsburg.  His other sons, Howard, Hamilton and J. M. Hunter are all engaged in business in this city.   He has left  to his family the legacy of an untarnished name and an example worthy of the highest imitation.  His life abounded in charities and his death is luminous with the hopes of the better land that is beyond.':"

In 1850, the family is living in Maysville, where Mr. Hunter is shown as a merchant with real estate valued at $5,000.00 (a high amount in 1850, certainly.)  He is shown as 35 years old, with Caroline as 29.  The other household members are: 1) 9 year-old, J. Garniss; 2) 7 year-old Eliza L.; 3) 5 year-old Howard; 4) Anna C, age 3; 5) 11 month old Hamilton.  Also there: 18 year-old Charlotte Herbst, shown as born in Kentucky; another 18 year-old, Eliza (no surname given) and 20 year-old Mary, also without a surname, both born in Ireland.

1860 finds the family in Covington, Kenton County at ward 2, household 570-699.  The names of the children are  shown as John, Lidia, Howard, Nannie, Hamilton and now there is also 8 year-old James.  There are 2 servants: 18 year-old Catherine Flanagan and 19 year-old Ann McNerny.   Charlotte Herbst continues to reside with them, her age now shown as 23.  The value of the family property is $3,000.00, with a personal estate valued at $20,000.00.  

1870, while I thought I might find them in Chicago, instead they live in Rollington, Oldham County, Kentucky.  All six children are living at home. John G. is an Episcopalian minister. Howard is a clerk in a store, possibly that of his father.

1880 they reside in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky with Hamilton, John and Montgomery at home.  Montgomery is 25 years of age and seems to be the "J. M." and James mentioned in the obituary and first found in the 1860 census.

Why don't I see Caroline's stone at Cave Hill?  I did not find the stone posted on Findagrave in Hennepin County, Minnesota either.  Her death record says she is buried in Louisville. Although there is no photo (at this time), I have added a memorial for her at Cave Hill.

Daily Public Ledger, Maysville, Mason, Kentucky 14 April 1906 page 2

"Mrs. Caroline Hunter, a native of Maysville, died April 4th, at Minneapolis, Minn., at the home of her son-in-law, Dr. George C. Cochran.  

Mrs. Hunter was born January 25th, 1821, and was the widow of Nathaniel D. Hunter, of the firm of  Hunter & Phister, who were fifty years ago prominent in business circles in this city.  

She is survived by four sons and one daughter: The Rev. J. G. Hunter, Mrs. George C. Cochran, Howard W., Hamilton and J. Montgomery of Louisville."

The death record (transcribed) shows her birth date as 20 January 1820 and a death date of 11 April 1906 for Caroline. It also says that her father was born in Germany and her mother's birthplace was Philadelphia.

Information posted here is to help others find their roots, but  may not be posted to another website without permission of the blog owners.  

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Ebenezer Cemetery -Osborn(e) Family of Lewis County, Kentucky

Ebenezer Cemetery (more)

John A. Osborne, a son of Frank Osborne and Catherine Wherry, was born in Lewis County, Kentucky on 27 August 1869. He married his wife, Sallie F. Hughes in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky on 21 November, 1893.  Sallie was born in Mason County.   He died there on 20 June 1941 with a subsequent burial at Ebenezer Cemetery on June 22.  By 1900, they'd had 2 children.  By 1910, they are the parents of 3 children, Axie (a daughter, age 15) and 2 sons: 10 year-old Oscar and 8 year-old, Charley. They surely considered themselves quite lucky that all of their children were living.  Also with them in Henderson, Lewis County, Kentucky in 1910 is Sallie's mother, widowed, 74 year-old, Hannah Hughes, a native of Ohio. Hannah's record shows that she'd given birth to ten children, but only 2 of those are now living.  So unfortunate, but it was not so unusual to lose children in these years.

The 1920 census shows changes in the household.  John and Sallie (Sarah, in this record) are both still in Henderson, Lewis County, but not in the same home.  John shows as widowed and has Charles F., age 18 living with him at household 18.  At household 20, lives Sarah F, son, Oscar, and her mother, Hannah, shown as age 83.  Sarah also says that she is widowed.  Sarah also has a servant with her.  Neither she nor her mother have an occupation, as such, but Oscar is farming, as are John and Charles.

John lives alone in 1930 still maintaining that he is a widower, but further research shows that Sallie, (Sallie Florence Hughes Osborne), born 21 May 1872 in Mason County, the daughter of Charles Hughes and Hannah Jane (Moore) Hughes died on 4 October 1933 in Henderson, Lewis County of chronic interstitial nephritis.  Their daughter, Axie (Osborne) Boyd gave the information for her mother's death certificate.  Sallie was buried 9 October 1933 at the Ebenezer Cemetery.

Charles F. Osborne, their youngest child, was born 6 October 1901 and died in the Scioto Memorial Hospital, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio on 3 November 1988.

John Oscar Osborne, born 7 November 1899, married Eliza Jane Hook about 1923.  John (better known, it seems, as Oscar,) died 19 Aug 1965 in Boyd County, Kentucky.  Eliza Jane was born 29 October 1901 with her death occurring in Mason County, Kentucky on 19 July 1987.  Their known children:
1) a stillborn baby in 1925
2) Delmar, born 23 December 1926 in Lewis County, died 26 October 1980 also in Lewis County and
3) Wanda, born 22 December 1929 in Lewis County.
4) Lowell R. born 10 July 1938 in Lewis County, died 22 Jan 1979.
5) Larry Dennis born 14 November 1944, died 19 November 1944.

Glen Wood Osborne was born 17 January 1905 and died 22 February 1993 in Lewis County, Kentucky.  He was a son of Robert Osborne and Rosa (Meenach) Osborne. 

Ray C. Osborne, another son of Robert and Rosa, was born 13 February 1915 and died 21 December 1997.  His wife was Lillian Matilda (Foudray), a daughter of Oscar & Melissa (Craycraft) Foudray.  Her date of birth was 27 November 1919 and occurred in Lewis County.  She died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Ray and Lillian were the parents of 8 children.

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