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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pendleton County, Kentucky website - NEW

 We've also started a website to supplement the Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society website.  Certainly not to take its place, because that's impossible,   Hope you will take a look at both.  Here you will find more stone photos, a couple of photos, and eventually, we hope much more.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton, KY - segment 2

Mount Vernon Cemetery

Donald Charles King
Son of Irene (Cummins) and James R. King

Nellie (Simpson) King and Roy King

Mary Francis 'Fannie" (Clayton) Merrill Mains

James Arthur and Effie Clayton

Linda Carol Wolfe

Thomas Porter Haley and Susan (Cain) Haley.  They married in Harrison Co., KY. on 24 January 1884. Susan was born in Highland Co., OH.  Thomas was born in Bracken Co., KY.  His marriage to Susan was his 2nd.

William Henry Wright and Sallie T. (Aulick) Wright

 Myrtle Irene (Lowder) McClanahan - Myrtle was a granddaughter of Thomas P. Haley and Susan (Cain) Haley and the daughter of Fannie Haley and James Lowder.

James Washington Whalen and Mollie Ann (King) Whalen - James W. was born in Harrison Co., KY., per the county birth records, and was a son of George Washington Whalen and Rachel Carr Whalen,  not in Columbus, OH., as the death record says.  Mollie was born in Pendleton Co., KY.

Mollie                           James

John T. McKinney and Siddie F. (Whalen) McKinney

Mark Haley and Hallie (Fields) Haley

John Caleb Browning and Paulina (Wyatt) Browning

Grover Claude Hart and Aggie (Moore) Hart

Frank M. Browning and Anna Mary "Mate" (Parker) Browning

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Neave Methodist Church Cemetery, Bracken Co., KY

We were at the Neave Cemetery in April of 2012.  The cemetery is on Route 22, outside of Brooksville.

Charlie and Mollie (Russell) Black

Dertha Arthur Blades and Elizabeth Leota (Russell) Blades - Elizabeth was born in Mason Co., KY and died 12 April 1946 in Bracken Co., KY.  Her death certificate gives a birth date of 20 December 1871, which seems appropriate for her age in the census records.  Her parents were Thomas Russell and Margaret (Northcutt) Russell.  Dertha Arthur Blades was a son of Oscar Blades and Emily Poe.

James Henry Browning and Stella (Workman) Browning.  Stella was James Henry's 2nd wife. The dates of her birth and death on the stone do not match her death record.  Neither do Henry's match, but both records state that each was buried at the Neave Cemetery.
Drucilla Flora Buckley Collier, born in Bracken Co., KY on 4th July 1884, her death certificate gives a death date of 6 November 1945. Her first husband was Abraham Buckley.  Her 2nd husband was R. F. Collier.

Pearl Newton Courtney born 13 February 1880 in Berlin, Bracken Co, Kentucky died in Kenton Co., on 12 June 1958.  His wife was Maggie Mattox, who's record shows a birth of April 1883.  Her death occurred 9 March 1961 in Pendleton Co., KY.  She was a daughter of William Asbury Mattox and Isadora B. (Gillespie) Mattox.  Pearl was a son of Henry David Courtney and Mary (Downard) Courtney.

Callie Beatrice Flora, born in Bracken Co., KY on 7 September 1908 to Grover Flora and Sally Bruin.  She died in Milford, Bracken Co., on 31 Jan. 1923.  
Martin Woodrow Flora, another child of Grover and Sally, was born 11 June 1915 in Bracken Co.  He died in Kenton Co., KY on 7 March 1960. 
Roy Yelton Flora, another child of Grover and Sally was also born in Bracken Co., KY.  His birth date was 4 September 1910.  He died on 18 August 1949 in Covington, Kenton Co., KY at Booth Hospital.
Oliver W. Flynn was born 22 December 1919 in Pendleton Co., KY. 
Hiram Gilbert French was born 5 August 1885  He died in Bracken Co., KY on 12 September 1957.  His wife was Sallie Jett.  They married in Mason Co., KY. on 15 Nov. 1904.

Harmon Alexander French, a son of Hiram Gilbert and Sallie (Jett) French, was born in Kentucky.  His death occurred at Camp Shelby, Mississippi on 7 July 1942.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky

On a beautiful November day with temperatures in the upper 70's we went to the New Mt. Vernon Cemetery which is located south of Falmouth, KY on the Old 3 L Highway.  I was especially excited to find Sharp relatives resting there.

Paul W. and Shirley J. Mcclanahan

Roger B. and Georgia A. Sharp

Joseph K. and Katherin Colvin Sharp

Willie L. Wright

Charles D. Wright

Asbury and Grace (McClanahan) Lea

Charles N. and Katherine (Adams) McClanahan

Sarah Ella  (Lawson) McDowell

Nellie (McKinney) Hamilton

Ollie (Bishop) and Ebbie McKinney

Verna McKinney

Dewey McKinney

Hamilton C. and Mina F. (King) Collier

Emma J.(Aulick) and Henry Gifford

Ray Bristow

Luther and Florence (Colvin)Wright

Robert C. Wright

Corpl E. P. Sanders CO   B 40 KY MTD INF

Lindsey Colvin

Alice M. Clayton

George W. and Amanda (Osborne) Wright

Howard Wright

R. M, L. B., and C.C. Huffman 
Robert M. Huffman, Louisa B (Sanders) Huffman and son, Charles C Huffman

Charles C. Huffman

Roberta Ann Martin

Mary J. Hatten

Katharine Elizabeth Wright

Danny Hall

Louis Newton Hall

Dellie I. Kennedy

Margaret (Ishmael) Kennedy

Edward L. Harper

E. L.  (Edward L.) and Eliza (King) Harper

Calvin M. and Mary Eliza (Gifford) Clayton

Braxton and Lizzie (King) Harper

Pvt. Earl H. Edwards

Edgar T. and Icie F. (Harper) Edwards

Baby Woods

Otis Lee Mains

Ella (Gifford) Mains

S. J. and Alice (Collier) Holmes

Elizabeth (Criswell) Holmes

Mary McLain

Mary McLain

Ella (Sharp) Wood

Etta W. (Williams) Northcutt

Daniel N. and Nancy M. (Wright) Williams

Kate Thomas Wright

Ruby Lillion  and Edna Rebecca Lowe

Lewis W. and Lizzie (Cox) Colvin

Effie Chalfant Colvin

Charles Henry and Lucy Rainey Colvin

Walter Ambrose Angell, Jr.

Eldon D. Parker

Grace (Hensley) Browning

Enola Glenn Holmes

Oliver W. Holmes

Robert F. and Nancy J. (Browning)  McKenney

Thurman McKinney

Delmar Lee Williams

Cecil Worrell

Seamon McClanahan

William E. Gifford

William and Katherine P. Wyatt

George W. and Nannie Davis (Collier) Brannock

James Keith Wolfe

Son of H. W. and E. M. Simpson

Beulah F. Simpson

Henry B. and Margaret A. (Leay) Gifford

Ola May Hamilton

L. N. Hamilton

Edward K. Clayton

George H. and "Kate"  (Elizabeth Katherine Gifford) Harden

Mary F. Harden


Riley Sharp (Son of John Riley Sharp and Mary E. Barry Sharp)

Fannie Sharp (Daughter of John Riley Sharp and Mary E. Barry Sharp)

Minnie Sharp King (Daughter of John Riley Sharp and Mary E. Barry Sharp)

James E. and James Ella (Ewing) Holmes

John W. and Judith (Owens) Bishop

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