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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Osborne and Osborn in Mason and Lewis County, KY - Ebenezer Cemetery, Lewis Co., KY

Eliza Jane (Osborn/e) Norman, a daughter of Alexander Osborn(e) and Henrietta (Higgins) Osborn(e), born 1818.  She married Alfred Norman in Lewis County, KY on 28 August 1836.  In the marriage record, her maiden name was spelled as "Osburn."  Alexander Osborn(e) and Henrietta Higgins married in Mason County, Kentucky on 17 February 1813.

Robert James Osborn(e), born 18 October 1857 (per his death certificate), passed away on 23 September 1931 in Tollesboro, Lewis County, KY.  His parents were Frank Osborn(e) and Catherine (Wherry) Osborn(e).  His birth was originally recorded in Lewis County to have been 18 October 1858.  Frank Osborn(e) and Catherine Wherry were married on 27 December 1855 in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Rosa Belle (Meenach) Osborn(e) Hardiman was first married to Robert James Osborn(e) in Mason County, KY. on 19 December 1893.  After his death, she remarried Charles Marshall Hardiman and moved to Wisconsin.  After Charles' death, Rosa returned to Maysville, Mason, Kentucky.  Rosa was born 16 April 1875 in Lewis County, but died in Mason County on 12 March 1945.  Her death certificate spells her surname at death as "Hardymon."

Bobby Joe Osborne, the only child of Russell Preston Osborne and Helen Virginia (Warf) Osborne.  Russell was a son of Robert James and Rosa (Meenach) Osborn(e).

Forest Dale Foudray was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, a son of Oscar Foudray and Melissa (Craycraft) Foudray. Forest was never married.  He was the great-grandson of Eliza Jane (Osborn) Norman.

Photos and family history submitted by A J Cassel, an Osborn(e) descendant.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Brooksville Cemetery, Brooksville, Bracken County, Kentucky

Another cemetery that I visited in July 2009 was the Old Brooksville Cemetery, located east of Brooksville, Bracken Co.  This cemetery is also noted to carry the name of the Woodward Cemetery.

Reverend E. A. McClure is buried at this cemetery.  He was born in Kentucky in 1866.  His parents were W. W. McClure and Louisa Compton.  Reverend McClure married Mary Smith in Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky on 16 August 1894.  The reverend, a minister of the Methodist church in Brooksville, died on 12 July 1899 in Brooksville.  He left his widow and 2 young sons.  His widow, Mary Smith was born in Kentucky in April 1872.  The sons were: Marvin Pierce and Morris Bascom McClure.
Reverend E. A. McClure

Wren A. Fronk, born 5 July 1904 was born in Bracken County, Kentucky, a son of William Metcalfe Fronk and Addie Lou (Feagan) Fronk.  He died in Mason County, Kentucky on 12 March 1969.  

Wren A. Fronk

 Two more of  William's & Addie's children were: 1) Retta Corlis, born 31 May 1894, who died 31 December 1894;   2) Eloise, born 20 June 1902 in Bracken County.  Little Eloise died 1 September 1909 in Bracken County and is also buried at Old Brooksville.
Retta Corlis Fronk
Eloise Fronk

Amelia (Wells) Harrison Ware was born 13 May 1809 in Kentucky.  Her first husband was Peter Harrison, whom she married in Fleming County, Kentucky.  She remarried Marcus Ware, also in Fleming County, on 16 February 1845.  In 1850, she and Marcus ran a hotel in Bracken County.

Amelia (Wells) Harrison Ware

Lida Ware, a daughter of Reuben H. and Sarah C (Allen) Ware, born 19 June 1864 in Bracken County, died 3 March 1866.

Lida Ware

Henry E. Ware and Anna M. McAtee married in Bracken County 18 September 1866.  Anna was born in Mason County, Kentucky, a daughter of Greene H. McAtee and Phoebe (Flaugher) McAtee.  She passed in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky on 27 June 1929 at the age of 82 years, 9 months and 9 days of age. Henry was born 14 February 1839 in Kentucky.  His death occurred in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky on 16 January 1909, with cancer as the cause.  His interment date was 19 January 1909.

Henry E. Ware

Anna (McAtee) Ware

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Brooksville Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Brooksville, Bracken County, Kentucky

James Philip Archibald, a son of George W. Archibald and Mary Frances (Moyer) Archibald.

George W. Archibald, his wife, Mary Frances (Moyer) Archibald, and their son, Henry Marcus Archibald.  There are distinct differences between his birth year on these stones and his birth date on his death record.  George and Mary Frances married 11 October 1861 in Bracken County.  Mary Frances was born in Ohio, a daughter of Philip Moyer and Elizabeth Richey, both natives of Ohio.  They had 3 known children: James Philip; William and Henry Marcus, who often was called "Mark."  Although there is no death date recorded on the stone for Henry, his death record and his obituary both state that he is buried here.  Henry died 24 March 1929 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

Charles C. Sellers, a son of John Richard Sellers and Mary Ann (Fronk) Sellers was born in Brooksville, Bracken County, Kentucky.  He also died there.  He was married to Ada Clayton.

Lillie Mae (French) Garrison and Isham Garrison.  Lillie was born, according to her death certificate, in Robertson County, Kentucky on 28 May 1882 to Charles French and Mahala Kabler.  She died in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky at Speers Hospital on 9 September 1943.  Isham was also born in Robertson County on 29 April 1878, a son of John Garrison and Matricia McDowell.  His death occurred in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky on 29 September 1951 at the State Hospital.

Leslie Sellers, born in Bracken County, Kentucky, married Anna E. Whitaker in Harrison County, KY. on 24 October 1883. He died in North Brooksville, Bracken County, Kentucky.  He was a son of John Richard Sellers and Mary Ann (Fronk) Sellers.

Anna E. (Whitaker) Sellers was born in Harrison County, KY. and died in Bracken County.  They had 1 known son, John Monroe Sellers, born 7 December 1889 in Bracken County.  John is buried at Lexington Cemetery in Fayette County, Kentucky.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joseph C. West and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Irwin) West of Bracken Co., KY

Joseph C. West was born in New Jersey on 17 March 1811.  He was in Bracken County, Kentucky by 1833 when on 12 December of that year, he married Elizabeth Irwin, a daughter of William Irwin.  Elizabeth "Betsy" was born in Bracken Co., on 31 July 1811.  

By the time of the 1850 census, they are parents of these 8 children and living in Bracken County at household 337
1) Elizabeth Ann born about 1835.  She married William Payne Holton.
2) William born in November 1836 - married Elizabeth M. Holton, sister of William P. Holton.
3) James Andrew born in 1840 - married Rebecca Jane Poe
4) Henry born 30 December 1842 - married Angeline Alice "Ann" West
5) Margaret born in 1843 - no further information at this time
6) Joseph Cozie born 28 December 1844 was married twice. First to Amanda Applegate,
     then  to Mary Eliza Cummins
7) Mary B. born 10 March 1847 - married Lyman V. Thompson
8) Edith born in 1849 - married William P. Woodruff

By 1860, they've had 1 more child, George, born in 1851 in Augusta, Bracken County.  Unfortunately, George died of the measles on 20 March 1853. They live at household 192 in district 1.  There is an Elizabeth Melvin living with them - age 70 and born in NJ. Her exact relationship, if any, is not known at this time.

In 1870, Joseph and Elizabeth are still in Augusta with no children at home.  

Elizabeth died 16 November 1871 and Joseph followed on 31 December 1878, both in Augusta.  

Joseph West, Sr buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery

Elizabeth Ann (West) and William Payne Holton are buried at Concord Methodist Church Cemetery.

William West and Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" (Holton) West are also buried at Concord Methodist Church Cemetery.

Henry West is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery

Joseph C. West, Jr. is buried at Concord Methodist Church Cemetery.

Mary B. (West) Thompson is buried at Concord Methodist Church Cemetery.

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