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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charles Moore and Alpharetta "Alpha" (Purvis) Moore family

As children, we were mostly free to wander the small town of Butler as we wanted.  There were, I suppose, not too many areas that were felt to be a danger to children.  There were two places we were not allowed to go.  One of those was near the Grant home.  I am unsure why this would be, but I suppose that we mostly obeyed.  But maybe I didn't.

As an adult, during a conversation with my mom, I mentioned remembering a little cemetery in the town.  She said that I must be mistaken as she did not remember it, and I allowed that this was possible.  This year, I was back in the town and went to check out where I thought the cemetery might have been.  It was over by the old Grant home (where I wasn't allowed.)  Sorry, Mom. 

I found some interesting stones and there are always interesting stories that go with the family.

One of the stones was for a toddler, Camsarena Moore.  The little one was born 20 May 1882 in Butler and died on 4 September 1883.  She was the daughter of Charles Moore and Alpha (Alpharetta) Purvis Moore.  Her parents were married in Pendleton Co., KY on 22 November 1876.  I do not know any more of the lineage of Charles yet, but it's possible he died at a young age, as Alpha remarried Francis M. Purvis on 19 Oct 1893. 

Charles was likely born in Pendleton Co., but Alpharetta was born in Bath County.  She was one of 11 children of Lewis Reeves and Elizabeth Purvis, both born in Kentucky.  In 1900, Butler, Pendleton Co., KY., Elizabeth Reeves, a widow, is living with her daughter, Alpharetta Purvis.  Alpharetta has had 5 children, 4 are living.  There are 3 of these children at home, Lamah Moore, Frank G. Moore and Lucile Purvis.  Her mother's record shows that only 6 of her 11 children are still living.

Currently I am aware of these children of Lewis Reeves and Elizabeth Purvis who married in Bath County, Kentucky on 29 September 1831 - Mary J., Margaret, Thomas, Lewis, John A., Sarah H, Charity, America and Alpharetta.  I've traced some of the children, but not all.

Lewis, Sr., born in Kentucky, died of pulmonary disease on 9 April 1881.  He's also  buried at the above cemetery, but his stone may be one that has fallen or is broken.  John A. Reeves is buried here, but without a death date on his Civil War stone. 

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