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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mary "Polly" Payne & Walter Fryer and the Norris Family of Pendleton Co., KY

Payne Cemetery

Mary Fryer born June 20, 1795 - Died August 2, 1871
Upon first learning of the location of this cemetery, we also sadly learned that some of the stones had been taken, reportedly due to the fact that they were made of marble.  Forgive me, but I sincerely hope that the person or persons responsible for this travesty have this deed come back to haunt them.  This is what remains that was not broken or totally illegible due to the ravages of time and weather.

Mary (Polly) Payne born in Virginia on 20 June 1795 married Walter Fryer in Pendleton Co., KY on 26 October 1818.  She had been married earlier to a Sharp/e, possibly Richard.  If anyone has proof of this first marriage, we would appreciate learning of it. 

Walter and Mary had at least 8 children: Sarah, Eveline, Ellen, Miranda, Lucy, Alfred, Elvira and Missouri.  

Eveline (their 2nd daughter) married William Norris in Pendleton Co. on 5 September 1844. They had 6 known sons: Robert A., George F., John W., James T., Henry B. and Charles Calvin. 
Eveline Fryer Norris foot-stone
George F. Norris stone

Lucy (their 5th daughter) married Thomas C. Norris in Pendleton Co., on 12 Feb. 1857.  They had at least these children: Edward, Harvey G. and Charles Sherman.

Lucy Fryer Norris died 2 May 1880

 There is one more foot-stone here, with the initials of "M.M.Y."  This may be a child of Sarah (Sallie) Fryer, the oldest child of Walter and Mary, and her husband, Benjamin Yelton.

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  1. Was this the Walter (Russel?) Fryer that owned the Fryer house?

  2. Cheryl,

    This Walter mentioned above was the son of Walter Fryer and Margery (Trail) Fryer.